Fabrics that support you and your workout

With you for the long haul.

We've partnered with the world's best sportswear mills to create fabrics that excel across five non-negotiables: comfort, style, fit, performance and longevity. All our products are carefully engineered, selected, tested and produced with specific workout activities in mind. We really do sweat the small stuff.

Prowess Collection

A high gauge double construction knit at the optimum weight and compression for perfect coverage while seamlessly supporting your every move.

With a balanced power stretch, maximised recovery and
support in all directions, this is Viren’s power house fabric for strength training.

The smooth surface is slick and fast, yet durable enough
to withstand multiple wear and washes.

High-filament premium nylon yarns transport moisture quickly away from your skin, keeping you cool and dry throughout your workouts.

Made from

64% polyamide, 36% elastane

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Leggings for the long haul

Higher Power Collection

A high gauge, double construction knit at the optimum weight for perfect coverage and support.

With a balanced easy stretch and power in all directions, and
perfect recovery, this fabric will support your yoga flow
without any restrictions.

The carefully texturized surface is velveteen soft, yet durable enough to withstand multiple wear and washes.

At 220 gsm you will feel covered but not hot and hemmed in,
so just right before, during and after class.

High-filament polyester yarns transport moisture quickly
away from your skin, keeping you cool and dry throughout
your practice.

Made from

77% Recycled polyester, 23% elastane

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Aftermath Collection

Our three thread fleece is snuggly soft and cozy yet breathable so the perfect fabric to throw on before and after your workout. With a compact face and
brushed back this organic cotton and recycled mid layer is also stylish and durable enough to support you non workout missions.

Made from

60% organic cotton and 40% recycled polyester.

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  • Sqaut proof

    How Our Double Layered Fabric Keeps You Covered During Workouts. High stretch knitted fabrics are made up of loops, which can become see-through when they stretch due to the gaps between the loops becoming larger. However, our team has engineered a solution to this problem by creating a lightweight double layer construction with smaller, closer loops. This unique design allows our fabrics to stretch and move with you during workouts, without becoming see-through. So no matter how much you squat, our fabric will keep you covered and confident.

  • Comfort

    Engineered to provide just the right amount of stretch and support.

    Expertly pairing appropriate elastomeric yarns with the best fabric architecture, makes Viren’s fabrics ideal workout companions. They effortlessly conform to your body's every movement with no limitations to your range of motion. Our fabrics stretch effortlessly and uniformly in multiple dimensions, providing maximum flexibility without discomfort or resistance. Each garment is thoughtfully designed to provide optimal
    compression and support for your specific activity, ensuring you always perform at your best. And when your movement comes to a halt, the fabrics revert to their original shape, eliminating any sagging or bagginess.

  • Sweat-wicking technology

    Proper moisture management is vital for comfortable workout apparel. Heavy, sweat-soaked clothes are uncomfortable, often sticking to the skin, leading to discomfort during and after exercise. By wicking sweat
    away from the skin and swiftly spreading it throughout the fabric surface, moisture evaporates more quickly, allowing the body's natural
    evaporative cooling system to regulate temperature and keep the
    garment dry. At Viren, we utilize high filament synthetic yarns to achieve this effect.

  • Durable

    As well as looking and feeling awesome, our fabrics are also durable and reliable. We subject our fabrics to rigorous testing, ensuring that they remain resilient, and continue to look and perform to their best, even after multiple washes and wears. Our testing standards include assessing color fastness (preventing colors and prints from fading),pilling, washing shrinkage, stretch and recovery.

  • Breathable

    Our fine gauge knitted fabrics are designed with the perfect loop size
    and yarn selection to enable air and moisture vapor to pass through and
    circulate, facilitating skin breathability. This feature effectively prevents the skin from feeling clammy and eliminates liquid sweat buildup. Our breathable fabric works harmoniously with our sweat-wicking technology, providing complete comfort and moisture control.

  • Premium Fabrics

    Feeling good on the body, to the eye and to the fingertips is at the heart of Viren’s premium fabric collection. Rejecting all that glitters cheaply, we handpick only the finest fibers, be they organic cotton, recycled polyester, or premium nylon, to knit our magic. World leading sportswear mills produce our fabrics using the best finishing techniques to combine aesthetic beauty, velveteen softness and technical finesse.