Olga shares her story with Team Viren


Community manager Alice caught up with real life warrior woman Olga. Read about her overcoming insecurities in sport and conquering national weightlifting championships. Olga shares how she balances her obsession with life commitments. Read how she is shaping a positive path for her daughter, this aligns with our passion to make sport more accessible to young women. 


Thank’s Olga, keep inspiring more of us to find our inner warrior. 



 Olga wears our Prowess leggings in Red Shadow

Tell us a little bit about your sporting background growing up

Growing up in Latvia, I participated in various sports clubs and classes, but I never felt particularly skilled at anything. The environment was traditional and not very supportive, especially for females. However, in my late teens and early twenties, I discovered the joy of movement in the gym.

What inspired you to start your fitness journey?

My partner introduced me to a local CrossFit community, and I immediately fell in love with the supportive atmosphere. Despite not being a natural athlete, I found promise in weightlifting, which became my passion and focus.


How do you feel after a training session?

Amazing. I feel like I can face anything life throws at me.

Have you faced any challenges or setbacks (adversity) in your fitness journey? How did you overcome them and build resilience?

Throughout my career, I've faced injuries, primarily in my knees. When these setbacks occurred, I took a step back, reevaluated my approach, and found ways to overcome them. It's crucial to approach training sensibly and find enjoyment in the process. When things ever go wrong, I just think tomorrow is a new day to try again. 

How do you prioritise self-care and mental well-being while staying active? (How do you balance your obsession?)

Balancing my responsibilities as a mother, athlete, and professional is essential to me. I've adapted my training program to align with my priorities, ensuring I can spend quality time with my daughter while still pursuing my fitness goals. My perspective shifted after becoming a mother; now, it's about maintaining health, strength, and fitness to be the best version of myself for my family.

Who are some women that inspire and motivate you to be your best self?

I'm inspired by everyday women who pursue their passions with determination. One individual who stands out is Pip Patterson, a remarkable individual who continues to achieve her goals despite challenges. She exemplifies resilience and determination, which motivates me to push myself further.

Who provides the most support for you?

My partner, who also serves as my coach, has been my unwavering support system. His dedication to my success, even above his own, has been invaluable. Additionally, my mother has always supported me in pursuing my goals.

What advice would you give to other women who are just starting their fitness journey?

Find joy in every moment of your fitness journey. Explore various sports and activities until you discover what brings you the most happiness. Don't give up easily, and remember that resilience is key. Embrace the process and celebrate your progress along the way.

What does being a "warrior woman" mean to you, and how do you embody that spirit in your daily life? (How do you find your inner warrior?) 

To me, being a warrior woman means being strong, driven, and compassionate. It's about inspiring others through my actions and creating a supportive community of like-minded individuals. My perspective and outlook changed after having my daughter. I want to bring her up seeing her mum lifting weights and being strong. I want her to understand how and why we should look after our bodies. Kindness and positivity can have a profound impact on others, so I strive to lead by example and uplift those around me. We all have down days, where we are not happy with our skin, our hair, our body, our performance. I want my daughter, and others, to understand that you should love yourself, we’re never going to be perfect, and we need to accept that, be happy in ourselves. 


Additional Information

Alice, our Community Manager, is competing in her first British Weightlifting competition, and after speaking to Olga and hearing about all her incredible stories she jumped on the opportunity to ask a few questions to help her succeed in her competition. Her top tips are as follows…

  1. Make your opening weight lighter than you think; you want to make sure you can 100% make that first lift, even if you’re having a bad day. This reduces the pressure on your next lifts. 
  2. Enjoy the process! It’s fine to be nervous, but remember to enjoy the process, it’s all fun. 

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